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A soft warm seductive scent with notes of creamy vanilla and  enticing notes of subtle spices and tobacco with a sensual tenacious base of aromatic woods.


Cedarwood and Tonka is renowned for its relaxing properties so is especially great for creating a relaxing environment and promoting sleep.


The Cedarwood and Tonka Bean wax melts are presented in our Made In The Hills signature gift box with a tied ribbon.

Cedarwood and Tonka Bean Wax Melts

    • Contains 6 scented wax melts
    • Burn Time 10-12 hours per melt
    • Handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands
    • Delicately garnished with local hand foraged botanicals

    The Cedarwood and Tonker Bean wax melts are hand poured using natural coconut & rapeseed or soy wax and scented with the finest fragrance oils.

    • Place one wax melt in your wax burner, or use a half a cube for a more subtle scent.
    • Light an unscented tealight in the burner opening and relax as the melting wax releases the fragrance.
    • Re-use until the fragrance fades and replace with a fresh melt.
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